Ghost Cops of Northern Kentucky

Who We Are

We are a group of paranormal investigators who go out and collect evidence. We try our best to put our clients at ease. Our goal is to make sure that the client is satisfied and understands what is going on.

The Director, Vincent Stephens Sr., Established this group in 2010 but he has been ghost hunting since 2005. He is a demonologist  and a ordained minister. He strives to help others since he has always had a run in with the paranormal at some points in his life.

We offer many services from Ghost Hunting, Exorcisms, and House Blessings and best of all everything is free of charge. All we ask in return is for our clients to help us getting word out about our group. If you are interested in being our client please contact us immediately and give us a description of what is happening.

All of the members of this group go through training regularly to make sure that they all stay current on new techniques and new types of equipment and how they operate. We are very professional and we all have experience. 

Our Director has a Doctoral degree in Metaphysics, is a certified paranormal investigator, is a certified leading paranormal investigator, is a Bishop that is allowed to perform exorcisms/deliverance's, and he is also a certified Demonologist. 

We use scientific methods and our own bodies to detect any and all paranormal activity. We will try to disprove the activity and what ever evidence is left is evidence of a haunting.